Falcon Center – Questionnaire

    The below survey is for market study purposes. Thank you for taking the time to participate, your opinion is extremely valuable and important to us.

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    1. Do you own (or used to own) Falcons or any other birds of prey?

    2. If yes, how many birds of prey do you own?

    3. How often do you take your birds to medical centers/hospitals?

    4. Please select below the procedures that you frequently opt for (You may select multiple options):

    5. What kind of service do you usually opt for regarding your birds?

    6. Which of the below-listed hospitals / medical centers do you visit or recommend to friends?

    7. How much do you spend on an average per visit to your preferred medical center/hospital?

    8. Please indicate which of the following will influence your selection of a Falcon hospital / medical center? (You may select multiple options)