Feather Imping & Cosmetics – Feather transplant and repair, Beak and Talon cosmetics

Falcons have 10 primary and 10 secondary feathers on each wing and 12 feathers on the tail, a total of 52 main feathers, all essential to flight. These main feathers are prone to damage, especially during training and hunting. We keep a feather bank of all the main feathers to try and handle the demand of replacing damaged feathers. It is a big task. Our staff are extremely experienced in this area and can spend hours on one falcon if there is more than one feather to replace.

‘Beak and Talon cosmetics’ speaks for itself. In the wild falcons will use hard surfaces to file their beaks and talons. However, as a captive, trained falcon you can have it done for you. During the peak season where the falcon needs to be at its best – looking and condition, we can have up to 6 stations working ‘beak and talon cosmetics’. We will also see damaged beak and talons due to awkward landings or other incidents that may cause breaks.

Never mind the problem, our staff will find a solution to repair and restore your falcon to as good as new. In some cases, better than before.

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