Main Clinic – Endoscopy and X-ray equipment, Preliminary laboratory

This is where the magic happens; 130 – 150 falcons seen daily during the peak season.

As you first enter the main clinic you will notice there is large display screens scattered throughout. This is no accident. Our goal is to allow the falcon owners to see what we see while examinations take place. Be it an endoscopic procedure or an X-ray or even looking through a microscope at bacteria, all is visible. We prefer our owners to know what is going on with their prized falcons.

The main clinic is made up of 4 sections; Endoscopy procedure rooms, a digital radiography room, a preliminary testing laboratory and an interpretation station besides the internal reception area.

We have 3 working Endoscopy procedure rooms, all with fully equipped endoscopy units. Each room has an electrically heated surgical table and a digital anesthesia machine for automatic oxygen and Isoflurane delivery. Each room is operated by a veterinary technician and a veterinary assistant. The veterinary doctor will carry out the more serious procedures, assisted by the technician and their assistant.

Our digital radiography room houses a full-size x-ray machine and 2 digital anesthesia machines needed to cope with the case load. During the peak season we will take upwards of 80 x-rays daily. The radiography room is lead protected and meets standards set by the governing body.

The preliminary testing laboratory offers fecal tests, crop cytology, hematology and blood lead analysis. This is achieved with 4 microscopes, a blood cell counter, and a blood lead testing machine.

Consultation happens at the interpretation station. Here the veterinarian can diagnose and interpret x-rays. At the same time, they will review lab results, endoscopy images or any other findings to ultimately speak directly with the owner and advise them to the problem and course of action. Having said that many falcons come in for a general checkup and all is well – to the delight of the falconer and falcon.

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