Falcons have certain bacterial disease which is a big challenging threat for falconry.  These bacteria secrete toxic substance in the blood   and cause the life threatening diseases in the birds. The hospital provides facility for the falconers to identify the causative agent of the disease and its antibiotic sensitivity testing. The laboratory is also dedicated facility for the identification of both filamentous and non-filamentous bacteria in the swab samples obtained from suspected falcons.

Samples are collected from the different sites of sick falcons and are submitted to the microbiology laboratory. Laboratory has highly sophisticated apparatus including a Vitek 2 and Biolog Micro-station. The lab also has Bact Alert unit to analyses any liquid samples for the presence of bacteria or fungi.

The microbiology department also conducts the hospital sterilization and cleaning reports conducted by Microbiologist for the safety purpose against the zoonotic diseases and interspecies bacterial transmission.

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